Tears and Tides

Today’s haul of twitter poems from a handful of twitter prompts.

Photo©Mike Pennington


Though you comb the sands forever,

you will never find

a single tear of mine

among the gentle waves.


So many tears shed

in the night, at your leaving.

At sunrise, only crumpled sheets remain,

like sand ripples

carved by the ebb tide.


Footprints to the sea,

a couple enlaced,

run across the wet sand

into tomorrow,

fast as the horses

of the morning tide.


Round we come, full circle

to this place we once loved,

but our lovers’ footprints dance,

pale ghosts, beneath the indifferent waves.



Dim the stars in the sky

and leap into the dark.

Take my hand

and I will show you wings.

Dive with me

and we will gather treasure

by the light of black pearls.





Sometimes it seems the world is full of rain,

The oceans and the rivers meet the sky,

In a cascade of weeping tears of pain.


I let the downpour wash away the stain,

Your cold words left upon my skin. I sigh,

Sometimes it seems the world is full of rain.


The echo falls upon my ears again,

With brash insistence I cannot deny,

In a cascade of weeping tears of pain.


Though you are gone I hear still the refrain,

See your face, smile twisted now and wry,

Sometimes it seems the world is full of rain.


In this room where in love we two have lain,

The shadows grow where no more we will lie,

In a cascade of weeping tears of pain.


The story’s over, nothing to explain,

I’d follow love if only I could fly,

Sometimes it seems the world is full of pain,

In a cascade of weeping tears of rain.



Poetry challenge #29: Tears

I’m giving this idea another spin this week, a painting and a handful of words as a prompt. Please post a link to your poem in the comments. You have a week to produce a masterpiece.

The words you might like to use are:

Tears, horizon, fly, hue, stealing.

The painting (charcoal drawing actually) is by Odilon Redon, entitled ‘Tears’.


This is what I came up with.



Do I hear music in the light,

Stealing over the pale horizon,

Pearling the dawn with dreamlike hues?

Or is it the just the careless sound

Of your bright, parting laughter?

Could I fly, I would,

And follow where you drift,

But tears weigh heavy as lead,

Tying me with dull grey cords

To the dusky shreds of night.

The end of all things

Painting by Gebhard Fugel


All things end in sadness,

If only because all things must end,

All the summer-sweet memories,

Tinged with bitter brown,

Now that the page is turned,

The petals fallen.

What once was vivid, ice-bright,

To make the skin tingle with that almost touch,

Sifts now, sand-dry, through scrabbling fingers.

The past casts its dusty veil,

Tidies happiness away into a dingy box,

Where sunlight will never fall again,

And all the tears shed in joy,

A simple presage of last tears of sorrow.

Walking away

The rain has stopped and between the clouds
The sun sends out a feeble tendril of warmth.
I stand beneath the drip drip drip of the broad-leaved mulberries
My feet in the damp grass among the snails.
You walk away down the shiny wet path
Your feet the first to tread it’s sleekness after the rain.
Grey clouds scud above your head
Shooting inland from the tossing sea
Throwing the last cold drops against your back.
I hold out my hands to catch something
Perhaps just the memories shooting away
Faster than the wind driving the clouds.
But all I catch are handfuls of raindrops
Or are they tears?

©Brocken Inaglory
©Brocken Inaglory