The Apocalypse starts here!!!

Big day today, for a couple of reasons, but the first one is, The Pathfinders promotion starts now! This minute!



Not only is the first volume at the extraordinary giveaway price of 99p/c but the sequels are at a special promotional price too. Here’s the Abomination blurb to set the scene:

As the end of the world begins, Carla and Tully hurtle through a wormhole five years forward in time, only to find they haven’t missed the Apocalypse after all.

Carla and Tully are picnicking in the quad of their international high school in central Paris when the end of the world begins. They are sucked into a wormhole that spits them out five years later to find that the world is a freezing desolation but still hanging on, waiting for something even worse to finish it off. The something worse turns out to be the Burnt Man and his horsemen. Taken prisoner by the Flay Tribe to their lair in the ruins of a shopping mall, Tully is forced to become a warrior, while Carla joins the other girls as a kitchen slave and comfort woman.

Tully might like the idea of playing soldiers, but Carla knows what is waiting for the girls when the food runs out, and it isn’t pleasant. The supermarket holy man’s vision of the return of the Burnt Man and his demon friends drags Tully back to reality. When the four fiends are reunited, the Apocalypse will really begin. Carla and Tully don’t plan on being there when that happens.

But in this post-Abomination world where only the young and brutal have survived, where food and fuel are running out and the climate is plunging into another final ice age, there is nowhere to run—except down another wormhole, with no idea of what might be waiting for them at the other end.


And here’s a short excerpt to whet your appetite:


“On that pallet over there. A few big cans of beans left. Bring one.”

“Have you all forgotten how to speak, as well as how to wash?” Carla snapped.

“Mostly. Yes.”

Carla staggered over with the ten-kilo can of white navy beans to where Kat was opening a much smaller can of frankfurters. She opened the beans and together they tipped the contents into a stew pot of dubious cleanliness. The sausages followed.

“How many is this for?” Carla asked. She had seen at least a dozen men and boys and nearly twice as many women.

“All of us.”

“Then those sausages won’t go very far.”

“Just for the men.”

“I might have guessed,” Carla sighed. “I suppose we ought to be grateful to get a few beans.”

The girl heaved a world-weary sigh. “If they leave any.”

Carla was about to ask why they let themselves be pushed about by a bunch of macho brutes who thought they were living in the Middle Ages when she took a good look at the girl. Carla had taken her for a skinny kid, but a closer inspection revealed the bony shoulders, scrawny breasts and haggard look of a woman, but under-developed and emaciated. Like Tully, Carla was beginning to put together a picture of their new environment.

“There’s not much to eat, is there?”

Kat just looked around. The warehouse was three-quarters empty. “You see much?”

“Can’t you get food somewhere else? Find another supermarket, I mean.”

Kat sighed. “This is Flay territory. Other places like this are in some other tribe’s territory. Not enough warriors left to fight over food.”

“What about hunting?”

Kat forced a wry smile. “Hunt what? Rats? Crows? Drax?”


“Big dogs.”

“Why not, if that’s all there is?”

“Rats and crows eat corpses, drink poisoned water. Drax eat rats and crows and corpses. They are all sick, rotten. If we eat them, we become like drax. Drax used to be dogs.”

This was the longest speech Carla had heard from Kat. It had been a real physical effort for her, as if she had to drag the words from her memory, as if they were so rarely used they had almost been forgotten. Carla asked one last question, though she dreaded the reply.

“So, what will happen when the food runs out?”

Kat’s expression was dull and hopeless and she did not reply. She didn’t need to.

Carla bit her lip, trying to hang onto the strange, obscene ideas that darted like cockroaches in and out of the shadowy places in her mind.


The promotion runs for a week, so make sure you get Abomination now, read it and order the sequels before the offer ends.

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BIG promotion on the way

Remember this?


First volume of The Pathfinders series? Well, the whole series is getting the big promotion treatment as of tomorrow. If you know any teenager with a strong stomach who enjoys a romp into the apocalypse, this is the series you’ve been looking for. Make them happy and give them a good read at the same time.

I’ll be posting details tomorrow.

New book release

Today is release day for Devastation, second volume of The Pathfinders series



If you have already read Abomination, you can buy Devastation here:

Amazon. UK

If you haven’t read Abomination yet, you can download a free copy here



So you have NO EXCUSE! Obviously, I’d rather you read it too, but just a little download would be nice.



Abomination teaser

The world of the Abomination is a freezing, decaying jungle run by brutish young men with a completely unhinged leader. If you want a peep inside, here is a short excerpt from Abomination, a story within a story, of teenage boys behaving (very) badly. Just click on the image to read or download.

If you’re still on board when you’ve read it, the purchase links for the whole story are below.


Pete's Story

Buy Abomination here at the amazingly low price of 99c/p

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Two new reviews for Abomination!


I discovered this morning that Abomination has two new reviews! This is the first one, more than a month old—shows how much I keep my eye on the ball.

Enjoyably gritty evocation of a post-apocalyptic world, 20 Jun. 2016
This review is from: Abomination (The Pathfinders Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoyed this book. It was a great setup. I’m always fascinated by these “lights-out” scenarios. And with its gritty evocation of a not-too-unlikely future, I think the Pathfinders series is ready to take its place in the canon alongside the Hunger Games and Insurgent series.

Having it set in France was also an interesting twist as most of these kinds of books are American-based (although I did wonder about the lack of French speakers in the post-apocalyptic world later on!). The two main characters, Carla and Tully, were likeable and smart and, as a previous reviewer has said, very “human” and believable as imperfect and somewhat idealistic teens.

[Plotspoiler warning!!]. Once they arrive through the wormhole, the evocation of the place was well-drawn and chilling. Again, great characters. I imagined the tribe leader “Ace” as a young Axl Rose – sullen, whiny, but full of power and menace. The action moved nicely along to a conclusion, giving us some good insights into the life of the tribe in the world-after-the-Abomination. However, I got a tad confused in the final few chapters. There is a lot here – time and/or interdimensional travel, shapeshifters or zombies, a power-hungry Dark Lord type called The Burned Man, all the different renegade tribes with their group- and gender politics, mutant beasts, all overlaid with a religious symbolism mentioning the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. I would have liked a bit more explanation of how the Burned Man and general “evil” came about and/or how it manifested itself. I was also unsure who the Eblis character actually was (They said it was Jack earlier but he seems unaware of it. Perhaps it is Carla? Maybe this was deliberately left murky) I expect all this will be forthcoming in the next book, which I look forward to reading.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Abomination in return for a fair and honest review.

And the second, just posted, is this one from Sacha. So flattering I’m the colour of a traffic stop light.

Beautiful, Gory, and descriptively stunning., 27 July 2016
This review is from: Abomination: Volume 1 (The Pathfinders) (Paperback)
Doughty is a master weaver of apocalyptic settings. Her world is hauntingly realistic. Her story is not for the faint of heart, you can tell that Dougherty would slay any red-eyed hell demon that dared cross her path. If you love descriptively stunning books, this is for you. Her style is a rich poetic prose and yet flows with the ease of any other YA novel. Personally, I feel it’s right at the upper end of Young Adult, if not New Adult with it’s frequent juicy language and beautifully raw-gore descriptions. I loved it. It unsettled me and made me uncomfortable in all the right places. HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks a million to both of you. If I knew who you were, Lilac Hell, I’d send you personalized big hugs. Sacha would get them anyway.
If these reviews tempt you to read Abomination, give in to your primal urge and buy it now. All three volumes are available so you don’t have to wait any longer than the press of a button to find out who, if anyone is Eblis Azazel and what, if anything, does it matter.

Review of Abomination

A lovely ***** review from Kitty Muse Book Reviews. Makes Monday worthwhile after all 🙂


Kitty Muse Book Reviews, July 10, 2016
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Abomination (The Pathfinders Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Tully and Carla are students at an international school, with no problems in their lives other than having to take Saturday morning classes, the appearance of leek quiche for lunch, and what to do after school. It is nothing more than a small worry when the sun becomes hotter than usual, there is worldwide rioting, and Mt. Fuji seems on the verge of blowing up. Being teens, the outside world doesn’t touch them much.
The storm changes it all in an instant. And the wormhole, although it saves their lives, changes the pair’s world completely.
When the dust settles, they emerge from Carla’s cellar to an unrecognizable, shattered landscape, utterly devoid of life.
Unless you count the survivors, who themselves are hardly considered “living”.
The two are captured by one member of a number of “tribes”, who delivers them to his leader, a man-child by the name of Ace, whose tribe lives in the ruins of a shopping mall. Here, Tully and Carla learn of what has transpired in the surprisingly five years since they had disappeared into that hole…
…and that they all await the return of The Burnt Man.

I’d been waiting for Ms. Dougherty to produce another book, and she more than met my expectations. The characters in this book reminded me a lot of the boys in “Lord of the Flies”. And the mall—creepy atmosphere entirely! Because—guess what?—the kids are not alone…
Oh—and why are they just kids of a certain age? Well, that would be telling.
I am just in awe of the worlds Jane Dougherty can create. They are so vibrant, filled with sensory depictions so vivid the reader can be totally immersed in the tale from the first to the last page.
This book is the first in a new series—and I am waiting, once again, for the next installment in this new world she has created for us.

Kathy Ree sent me this collection of photos she found of the shopping mall at the end of the world. Extraordinary! How did they get the pictures?
Here are the buy links, because, of course, you are going to read this series, aren’t you?


Here is this week’s promotional effort, the announcement that the third volume of The Pathfinders will be released on July 19 and available from the Finch Books website. It’s the episode I most enjoyed writing. It’s told entirely from Carla’s point of view, so if you have been itching to know more about how exactly she sees her realtionship with Tully, and how she stops herself giving him a clatter in the clackers every five minutes, you really need to read this story.

Here’s the cover.


and here’s the blurb.

Carla was expecting Paradisio to be like…well, paradise. But bad boy Nathaniel shows her that the inhabitants are anything but angelic.

Wormwood has fallen, but the journey isn’t over for Carla and Tully. Erelah, the Messenger, leads them onward to Paradisio, where they hope they will find their real home. The Grigori recognize Tully as Israfel, and he takes to his new role of guardian of music like a duck to water, but Carla’s impressions are of a world with dark secrets hiding in the shadows.

Tully seems absorbed in his music and whenever he comes up for air, Erelah—with her neat little wings—is waiting. In her misery, Carla finds consolation in Nathaniel, a Warrior who is a hunk and knows it. But she is playing with fire. Nat wants her, and what Nat wants, he takes.

As if her personal problems weren’t enough, Carla begins to piece together the mad plan that Nisroc, the Yazata of Paradisio, has lined up for the other worlds. And Tully—who has been promised a starring role—seems keen to play along with the lunatic scheme.

Carla finds herself caught up in a revolution, to stop Nisroc and the one who is creating his weapon of mass destruction—Tully.


None of this will make any sense whatsoever if you haven’t read Abomination, and not much more until you’ve read the second book, Devastation. So, what are you waiting for?


Combining a bit of promotion with the Daily Post prompt: Burn. An excerpt from Abomination.


“Abdelkader, leader of the Kusha, you will bring your men here. I have something to say to you.”

Abdelkader backed up, fighting against an obvious desire to run, and the Burnt Man addressed the main hall that was now filled with hundreds of unseen watchers.

“The rest of you, come out! Or I will have to flush you out like the cockroaches you are!”

Kat watched, her flesh creeping with a premonition of yet more horror as the group of hunched, disjointed-looking people—the Burnt Man’s followers—shambled through the hall, spreading out like the mold on a piece of fruit.

“Do you doubt that I can?” The voice filled the cavernous ruin. Like a viscous liquid, it seeped into every corner, into every head, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere. An unnatural silence fell on the mall. Even the distant shouting of Abdelkader had died away. The Burnt Man cast his gaze about, once again raising it to the first level where Kat and her friends camped. Julie grabbed Philippe’s arm, and Kat thought how similar they looked, both worn thin and nervy, always on the brink of hysteria, scared-looking, like their children. With a shiver, she admitted to herself that their kind hadn’t a hope of making it.

The Burnt Man looked away, fixing his one-eyed gaze on a barricaded walkway on the ground level, and threw out his hand. Like a rocket, the ball of flame burst through a pile of rails and tumbled partition walls, blasting the lightweight debris into a hail of sharp, flaming shards. There was an animal shriek of agony, and an arm flew into the air with the shredded plasterboard and fragments of plate glass. The rest of the body staggered into the open, and fell, a carbonized non-person, to the horror of the watchers. Behind it, a canine torch, one of the security guard’s dogs, made a feeble attempt to outrun the flames that engulfed it, then staggered into a crackling heap.

“Did you hear that, cockroaches?”

Kat was mesmerized like the others. Philippe clutched his wife until his fingers left a white mark on her bony shoulder. Jérémy chewed his knuckles, casting the odd glance over his shoulder to where Mattieu, his little brother, was playing with a group of other children. Silently and earnestly, they were building a crazy-looking house out of plastic cups and polystyrene packaging. Kat was so absorbed that she jumped at the light touch of a hand on her arm. Jeff tugged at her sleeve, trying to pull her away, back into the relative safety of the store. His face, already drawn and pinched, was a mask of terror. Only the eyes, huge and pleading and full of something only he could see, were still the eyes of a six year old child. His brow was furrowed as if he was in pain. His voice was thin as if even the effort of speaking was too much for him.

“Hide me, Kat! Don’t let him find me, please.”

Like it? You can buy the book here