The thickness of water

For the dverse open link night, I’m posting the opening poem in my début collection thicker than water.

The thickness of water

Sea coils in shells and stone whorls,
clouded air, the steely depth of rain
and the saturation of thirsty earth

in spreading water-words that we stomp
in puddles with childish feet.

It lies like blanketed rock,
its wavy sedimentary lines, layers of time,
riddled with shells,

rising and filling the satin fragility of flesh
with the thick sweetness of honey
from sole of foot to lips.

And when I taste the taste of you,
it is the layered shell-sprinkled tang
of all recorded time.

The charts

I had a look this morning to see if my new baby booklet was registering in the amazon sales rankings yet. The first few days after a launch are when the figures look the best so I want to make sure I get every drop and crumb of glowing fuzzy satisfaction out of them.

The figures are coming in, in a surprising way too. On the site the paperback is sitting at 791 in #poetry which is gratifying and quite enough to make me feel proud of myself. Amazon has decided to stick the kindle version in the #love poetry category where it’s at a very respectable (and totally unexpected) 67, but to see my little book of what are essentially nature poems (water and all that) sitting at 152 in #erotic poetry made me laugh!

If you haven’t ordered a copy yet, don’t worry. There are a few left, just don’t expect Anaïs Nin. Links are on this blog post which is a hypocritical way of saying, I’m too modest to push it, but go on anyway.