I wasn’t here



I wasn’t here when you said goodbye,

Dark storm clouds hid the sun in the sky,

Rain on my face made me want to cry.


Light as swansdown, when you closed the door,

My heart was tossed by a tom cat’s paw—

He tapped and chased it across the floor.


I wouldn’t see how the darkness grew,

How your silhouette, deep shadows strewed,

I loved you still, though you never knew.


Where will we go when the darkness falls?


Where will we go when the darkness falls

And from green depths the ocean’s voice calls?

Are there safe places in city sprawls?


We could follow the swallow so swift

And hope for a wind, black clouds to lift,

But flight, narrow-winged, is not our gift.


Air and ocean are bound into one,

All are equal beneath the bright sun,

We’re left with our hearts, when all is done.

Fields of sunshine

Inspired by a photo I took the other day, and by the rhythm of fast dog-walking ( and fast-dog walking) this one is almost on prompt for NaPoWriMo. The form is one I like, all about threes, but I’m not sure what to call it besides Three Squared.

field of sunshine

Sunshine fills the field with golden light,

April’s tender hues, a palette bright,

Memories, the dark of winter’s night.


All about, green buds burst, leaves uncurl,

Yellow banners, morning-blown unfurl,

Bathed, the grass in mist and tints of pearl.


On my tongue, the tang flows in the breeze,

Wild and windy taste of summer seas,

Childhood dreams shine in the salty lees.