Tears and Tides

Today’s haul of twitter poems from a handful of twitter prompts.

Photo©Mike Pennington


Though you comb the sands forever,

you will never find

a single tear of mine

among the gentle waves.


So many tears shed

in the night, at your leaving.

At sunrise, only crumpled sheets remain,

like sand ripples

carved by the ebb tide.


Footprints to the sea,

a couple enlaced,

run across the wet sand

into tomorrow,

fast as the horses

of the morning tide.


Round we come, full circle

to this place we once loved,

but our lovers’ footprints dance,

pale ghosts, beneath the indifferent waves.



Dim the stars in the sky

and leap into the dark.

Take my hand

and I will show you wings.

Dive with me

and we will gather treasure

by the light of black pearls.


More Tides & Flesh Haiku

The Tide and Flesh prompt just goes on giving. Here are two more fished out of the comments. The first is from Harriet Goodchild:

A finger of foam
Points idly cross the tideline
Water taking flesh

and this one is from Peter Bouchier:

singing swell of words
gently rocking to the breeze
winging weightless bird

Taking up the challenge again, here is my fourth haiku:

Ebb tide leaves behind
limpid pools eyes full of sky
gull watches crab flesh.


Painting by D. Howard Hitchcock.


We were supposed to get a tropical storm. Thankfully only the fringe touched Bordeaux, but the sky was tremendous.

The tide of the sky ebbs,

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And the great ocean sky rolls

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Into the dark of night,

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Leaving the ribs of the day,

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Pale ripples of cloud,

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Stretched across the blue shores

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Of eternity.