Together used to mean

The Daily Post prompt is: together


4 T

Together used to mean we two,

The couple who

Were set in stone,

Don’t even phone.


Together we’d stroll through the crowd,

However loud

The crashing feet,

Hear our hearts’ beat.


Together we walk separate ways,

Those summer days

Not meant to last,

Just so much past.


The Daily Post prompt is: Journey


Of all the things that I have learned,
The greatest is that love will grow
From fires that have not yet burned
And rivers that have yet to flow.
The lightning passion of a day
Is nothing to the passion deep,
That touch that never fades away
But grows in depth even in sleep.

Fiery streams run with the tide,
The sky and sea to set alight,
While you and I walk side by side,
Choosing love until the night.

Lost and found

A cascade poem.

Painting ©K.Meziani



Take my hand and I will guide you

To a place of love and laughter,

For I know where hearts are mended,

Where gulls soar beyond the sunset.


You were lost and you were drowning,

But there’s a strand where waves lap gently,

In a lullaby of sealsong,

Take my hand and I will guide you.


Beyond the pain, beyond the anger,

We will fly on wings of pure white,

Wrapped about in cloaks of swansdown,

To a place of love and laughter.


Leave your tears to jilted lovers,

And the thorns of scented roses,

Bring your longings and your dreamings,

For I know where hearts are mended.


Where the sun falls warm on my hair,

And the rain falls soft on your face,

Bound together we will find peace,

Where gulls soar beyond the sunset.


Painting by Betzy Akersloop-Berg
Nothing lasts forever,
The roses fall, and in the winter blackbirds die.
All things with a beginning have an end,
Even sweetness fades when comes the bitter cold.
Bare branches crack and bow beneath the weight
Of fallen snow and flocks of starvling birds,
Whose thoughts of southern flight they left too late,
Huddled now black plumes among the brittle boughs.
Eternity’s for dreams and those who dream,
Beyond the end, too far for me to see,
In the distant blue where gulls and grey seals go,
Somewhere there’s a place for you and me.

Once you were a mountain



Once you were a mountain

Casting shadow on my gentle fields

If you want me, climb,

You said, and so I climbed

The glaciers of your rocky face.

And as I climbed I gathered

Falling leaves of gold and russet red

To light a fire from the glowing embers of my heart.

Beneath the melting ice appeared

The many-coloured carpet of my dreams

If you want me, take them,

I said, and make them yours.

The reds and golds shot through with autumn lights

The blues and greens of cool shade in summer’s heat

You saw at last and took them for your own

And the mountain fell into my waiting arms.

I wrapped you warm in golds and russet reds

Woven in the fiery carpet of our dreams

I cradled you on the ocean of our desires

And I have you still.