Spring songs and rain

Starting another blustery day with a collection of tweet poems from yesterday


You cup my face,

as delicately as if I were made of rose petals,

as if I might drift away.


Take my hand and I will show you

the colours of the sky,

the colours of the earth,

and the fountain of happiness.


Spring pours a torrent of colour,

a rhapsody of perfume,

and gives it to the blackbird

to make an ocean of song.


One by one,

tight green buds unfold,

each hard scale reveals tenderness beneath,

unfurling in the golden sun,

rose dawn touched.


Rain drums the memories,

a beat of never forgetting.

Sometimes, I fear

the deluge will never end.

Grá mo Chroí poetry contest

Since Ali Isaac and I started on this retelling lark, we have been immersed in the language and the images of the tragedies of ancient people. We have both come to the conclusion that the sentiments of Iron Age people did not really diverge too much from our own, hence the poetry these stories have inspired us to write.
Being naturally reasonably sociable people, we would like to encourage anyone who feels the urge, to join in, let that poem out, and send it to the twitter hashtag:


Look on it as a contest. Get your tweet poems in before your midnight February 11th. Nina Loard of #Fieryverse has agreed to judge the entries. The two (I think it’s two!) winners will each receive a copy of one of our books.

Be inspired by long-haired girls running off with their chosen one, knives out to fight off pursuers, by death in treacherous ambush, sleeping and love potions, women transformed into hinds, warriors into boars, jealous kings, vengeful widows, undersea realms, horses that fly over the waves, and lovers who refuse to be parted even in death.


Thank you Mr Burne-Jones for coming up trumps again with an illustration.

Here’s the kind of thing we’re looking for:

The yew tree bows
beneath the weight of tears
and on a far hill
an apple tree reaches out
to her lost love.


Wind blows
Branches stir
Apple falls like a tear
Heart and body broken
Lost love stabs
Like a spear.


Just visit #Gramochroi to see lots more examples. And don’t forget to leave your own offering.