Two phrase stories

As often happens with Himanshu Bhatnagar’s prompt, the phrase produced a cluster of responses.

The prompt phrase is: He looked at the blank screen…

The challenge is to finish it. Follow the link above to join in.

My phrases:

He looked at the blank screen…while he waited for the dilithium crystals to warm up.

He looked at the blank screen…and doodled a pair of specs and a moustache in felt pen over it.

He looked at the blank screen…that suddenly wasn’t blank, and the hand that he saw was reaching for his throat.


Two phrase story

This is HB Hatnagar’s challenge for this week. It brought out my silly streak. Streak? Well, maybe it doesn’t take much. Here are a few of the phrases I came up with, more a ‘complete the phrase’ than a ‘two phrase story’.

If you like the idea, visit HB’s blog and join in the free-for-all.

Photo©Jakub Halun


And in a puff…of coloured smoke the wicked tooth fairy, that had tried to wrench out one of my premolars while I was asleep, disappeared.

And in a puff…of coloured smoke the dragon, with the winking traffic light gripped between its jaws, disappeared.

And in a puff…of coloured smoke my winning lottery ticket became a small heap of ash.

Two Phrase Story: The longest night

As we’re in apocalyptic mode, I’m contributing this to HBHatnagar’s Two Phrase Story challenge. The opening phrase is

“It is the longest night…”

The challenge is to complete the story with a second phrase.


“It is the longest night…of the cycle, when sea beasts heave themselves onto the dark shore, the earth opens, and the buried beasts shake off the chains of root and stone, and in the crow black sky, winged beasts wheel and turn, searching for the red throb of human heat.”