Microfiction: Final splendour

This one was 200 words exactly unedited so I took it as an omen and left it at that.


When the reverberations of the last explosion died away, a dense pall of dust rose and enveloped the earth. In the darkness, all growing things shrivelled and died and with them, first the poorest of the poor then the middling rich, until the last resources were exhausted by the richest of the rich. The universe shuddered as the bright blue light was extinguished and darkness filled the space. Solar flares rose and fell in sympathy and comets deflected their orbits in sign of farewell.

The Earth cooled, and dust, glittering with radioactive splendour, settled on deserts and polar ice caps alike. In its shroud, the Earth still turned, a grey rock that would in time splinter in the freezing cold of space and scatter like the debris of a sand storm across the universe.

Earth breathed its last breath and its spirit gathered for flight, a thing of primal beauty, green and luxuriant, sweet-scented and loud with the rushing of torrents and the song of birds. Enfolded in the golden rays of its sun, the essence of Earth rose. Days and days turned until the moment arrived when the door opened, and Earth drifted, glorious and free, into the otherworld.