Another poem of longing and yearning

Inspired by the song ‘Carrickfergus’, sung here by Van Morrison, a more sentimental, ballad-style poem about the longing for home.

I hear the gulls cry in my dreaming,

As they soar on their ghost white wings,

And I hear the wind in the gorse bush,

On the heath where the sweet lark sings.

I smell the salt of the ocean,

The roses that grew by the door,

And they haunt me the tears and the laughter,

Of a place I will never see more.

If I had a boat I would sail there,

Though the waves rose towering high,

If I was a gull I would fly there,

Though storms split the thundering sky.

But all that I have are my memories,

A patchwork of dark and the light,

They will sing in my blood while the day lasts,

Till my eyes close in death’s endless night.

1280px-Герасим_Семенович_Головков_-_Рыбацкие_лодки_в_гаваниPainting by Gerasim Semyonovich Golovkov.