Haibun for the brushers of pigs

It’s an odd thing about the Visual Verse prompts, but more often than not, the first impression inspires nothing at all. A complete blank. Then, like a blank sheet of paper, it starts to fill up with something I had no idea was waiting to be written. This piece was no exception.

You can read it here.


I was too busy to ponder this month’s Visual Verse prompt. Just looked at it now and this one popped out instantly. Life’s like that.

Sky flutters
to get rid of the smut?

Birds flutter
never smutty
bright as planets
strung lights

we clutter
swaying among the effortless wings
hollow-boned grace

our machine-stinks
sky blinks.

Prose in Visual Verse

The images proposed by Visual Verse are usually the kind that make me tiptoe around the edges before I have a clue what if anything, the image inspires. This one though, by Helen Marten, seemed to shout at me. I knew his story as soon as I looked into his goggly middle-aged eyes and his outsize jam-jar.


You can read my interpretation of this painting here.

And you can read the story so far here.

Poem in Visual Verse


My poem in response to this photo is published in Visual Verse today. You can read my poem here and you can read all the poems published so far here.

On the day that Oradour-sur-Glane is back in the news again, the thoughts I had seem timely.

You can read here about why the entire village of Oradour is a memorial to the Nazi barbarity, and why the defacing of the memorial plaques with pro-Fascist inscriptions makes me feel so sick.