Fiery mother

This is obviously in honour of Brigid and all mothers.


The lake is a picture, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 21.45.51

one of my mother’s,

like gardens full of roses.

She would sit in the shadows

of diamond light,

singing her life to the sky.

Come rain, shine, or stormy days,

when the moon runs purple

and the sea is drunk with sun,

she still plays the music of mist and moon.


I ask the fiery woman,Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 12.20.49

what is this odour of decay

when all is greening?

Never has morning broken

so slow to warm with colour,

the night sky linger hard as ice.

Listen and remember, she says,

the song of the universe is vaster

than anything men  or gods can make.


The dark star smiles.








When darkness falls

The Daily Post prompt is: darkness



When darkness falls at sunny noon,

And night birds croon

Where blackbird’s song

Is heard day long,


A warning’s carried in the breeze,

Among the trees.

‘Weep,’ say the pines:

I fear the signs.


My heart knew something was amiss,

For your last kiss

Was cool and brief,

Unlike my grief.


No turtledoves among the boughs,

Where dark wind soughs,

With their refrain,

To soothe this pain.


You’ll not return, the world’s awry,

The hoarse crow’s cry

Will fill my ears

Down all the years.