Black pearls and moonlight

Twitter poems from yesterday’s prompts.


All tears are black

for sorrow is dark

and wells from the places

where no light falls.


Black pearls

are as rare as moonstones

and sundew

and starfish

that light the deeps of the ocean

with drops of pearl moonlight.


Gulls soar to the moon and back,

dusted with silver

and the grey of dead stars.

Their eyes full of worlds

we will never know,

their call, the voices of the dead.


Sun breaks on gleaming waters,



a hoard of light.

If my hands could hold it,

I would give it all to you.


At the epicentre of all worlds

is a heart that beats and throbs

in time to the wings of love,

the song of the turtle dove.

Tonight there are waves in the wind


Tonight there are waves in the wind,

An ocean of salt-feathered wings,

As graceful as fish, silver-finned.

Tonight there are waves in the wind,

Grey gulls to the wild clouds are pinned,

While the tide as it flows inland sings—

Tonight there are waves in the wind,

As graceful as fish, silver-finned.


The Daily Post prompt is: saga.


Waves curl green upon the glassy sea,

Wind blows the pearly foam across the strand,

And murmurs low the tale of you and me.

Waves curl green upon the glassy sea,

Crashing round my ears—let me be free!

As light and love seep dark into the sand,

Waves curl green upon the glassy sea,

Wind blows the pearly foam across the strand.

Wave upon wave

Three short poems

Photo ©Jerzystrzelecki


Wave upon wave

strikes the shore,

your boat beaten back

by a strange wind from the land,

sweet voices call you,

soft hands pull you,

away into the deeps.

out of reach of my hand.


I shield my eyes against the sun,

The speck that was the last goose homing,

Lost from sight in the sky’s blue ocean,

Into the night, the lost stars roaming.


Had I wings I would follow

the feather soft path,

risk the wild winds,

the blue waves of the sky,

but no wings have I,

just the tears of my eyes,

your trace lost in glitter,

where the last geese fly.


Haiku: wild sky, wind and water


Breeze gusts its cold chords

round the notes of summer’s song

autumn melody.



In the lake’s mirror

a second moon glows palely

caught in dark waters.


Pounding thunderclouds

hooves scatter stars like sparks

the wild hunt passes.


Winter waves carry

scents of snow and ice fields’ bite

the first brown leaf falls


Photo credit:

Elena Drobychevskaja

The river runs through town

River winds wave-dimpled
Cutting a path between parapets of stone
And walls of concrete blocks
Lapping banks laden with the weight of kingcups
Or curling round the bristling stalks
Of a forest of sedge.
River rises with the moon
Dancing with the equinox
And dashes broken trees
Onto city streets
When the tempest blows.
River rolls its spattering of gulls
Rising and falling beneath their featherweight.
River runs its untamed path of bird-bobbing waves
Gathers with disdain our abandoned waste
And spits its into the relentless sea.


Gull soars

winged wave tip

sky spume

white-feathered wanderer.


Gull glides

ethereal weightless

a heartbeat

in the trackless blue immensity.


No earthbound troubles tie—

gull rides unseen tides

buffeted by wind waves

where only hopes sail.


Gull soars

light as sea foam

borne on the beating

of the great ocean’s heart.


Photo credit Jochen Laier
Photo credit Jochen Laier