Wedding Day

Painting by Odilon Redon


The sun beat down on that day too,
Blue sky throbbing, silver-sheened.
Preened, we two in new-bought attire,
Fire in the heavens and in our faces.
Places taken, side by side,
Pride glowing, new wings spreading,
Shedding the doubts and the fears.
Years we saw of a future shared,
Dared to dream, a bright mist shimmering,
Glimmering lights, star-tailed,
White-sailed and filled with moonlight,
Nightlight, dawnlight, and all the rainbow-coloured cloudlight.
Bright as mountain streams,
Dreams, we painted, ethereal, fledgling-fragile,
Volatile as grey-winged gulls, storm-scattered,
Battered by the winds and settled in our arms, to unfold
Untold joys, fierce as stars, to light our way,
Day after day, until falls the endless night.