Microfiction challenge #7: Wheatfield

This is the image I had lined up for this week’s prompt


but if you’d rather a painting, you might prefer Van Gogh’s wheatfield instead.


If you are writing a serial, there is both peace and a vaguely sinister feeling about both of these images. The path through the wheat in the photograph looks somehow unnatural to me, and the crows against the stormy sky possibly bode no good either. That’s my feeling anyway. I’m sure you’ll find a way to guide your story line through the wheatfield, pleasant or foreboding.

If you’d rather use the prompt for a standalone story, feel free. I’ll let you skip the 200 word limit and use as many words as it takes (within reason). Looking forward to reading your stories, and to getting around to writing my own!

Link to your post in the comments below, as usual, before next Thursday please. Have fun!