Another verse form that’s new to me. Thank you Jennifer for the introduction. This is the link if you’re interested in the mechanics of it.

And here are my first attempts at the form. I’m borrowing the illustration from a couple of days back as it fits nicely.


Bird in white winter


In the bare black tree a singing bird,

On the snowy ground a leaf,

Winter flakes a cover white.


In the sky a gull so white,

No song to sing this ghostly bird,

Drifts light as a falling leaf.


In the air a golden leaf,

Snowflake-dancing, a blur gull-white,

Whispers songs learnt from the singing bird.


Singing bird, life leaf-short, now lies beneath a cover white.


Copper silence

Sun hangs low, a disc of copper,

Burning cold as any stone,

Winter world in thrall to silence.


Upon the lake the swan in silence,

Bows her head in reflected copper,

Yearns for lost mate, her heart a stone.


The mountain glowers, cloud-grey stone,

Dropping rain into the silence,

Swan sails west where the light glows copper.


Copper dims, and the stone grows colder, in winter silence the lone swan weeps.



Haiku challenge: Black & White

This week’s challenge from Ronovan is a suitably wintry one.


White winter wind calls

cracking ice in his black voice

cruel times to come.


Blackbird sings his song

white swan bends a graceful neck

the whole world enthralled.


White blizzard fury

black branches stripped of gold leaves

green buds wait for spring.