Sun sets in beauty

Inspired by the Ekphrastic prompt, Fin de la Jornada by Emilio Boggio.

Congratulations to Merril and Kerfe on having their poems selected for pulication!

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 17.49.11.png

Sun sets in beauty, bursts colours of heaven,

Phoenix-intangible and oh so far away,


the golds and reds, jewels filling the clouds like

rain drops, blue, pink-tinged, colour of rose petals,


flame, scarlet, crimson, vermilion, burning up the

river with molten glory. The air sings with beauty,


birds, winged marvels, flock homeward lifting their

voices in praise of the changing sky, the sleep-time,


and workers walk, heads bent to the mud, dreaming of a day

of rest, dark churches candle-lit where shadows lie in wait,


and the mumbling sing-song of the priest promises eternal

rewards, the sinking, one day, back into the indifferent earth.