Writers’ Workshop

Christine Haggerty ( Judo black belt) LOVES writing fight scenes and she has volunteered to not only help out with problematic punch ups if you want to post them here, but she will write an article explaining how to do it right.

While you are deciding which of your violent scenes, fisticuffs, sword fights, dragon attacks, or domestic rowing needs attention, and you’re plucking up the courage to let us all have a look at it, I suggest you look at Christine’s blog
She has some great participative ideas going on there.


Send me the scenes of mayhem you think need a touch of something or other and I’ll post them here. Send me the scenes you feel you’ve done a good job with too, and the links to the book. If you have any tips for the writers of violence, let’s have them.

Something to think about for later—the next suggestion to wrestle with is the dreaded book blurb. If anyone has any advice on how to write one, if such a person indeed exists, I’d be pleased to hear from you. I’m adding another contact form just in case.

Okay. Dismissed.


Promotion opportunities

I’m still receiving requests to take a turn in the Author Hot Seat, so if this means YOU, just send me the details using the form below and I’ll get back to you with some suitable questions.
Alternatively, if you are interested in writing a short article about yourself and an aspect of the writing/publishing process that you’d like to share you can also use the form to let me know.

I am also wondering whether there would be any interest in starting a sort of writers’ workshop for the ‘sticky’ bits. You know, that scene you just can’t get right. I have a problem with fight scenes since I don’t have any first hand experience of actually winning a fight. Losing lots, but never beating the pulp out of someone.
It could be helpful to post a tricky scene and ask for comments. It could be helpful to the readers to sort out how they would deal with a similar scene. The same goes for poetry—if there are any poets who are not happy with a particular aspect of a poem, or just a couple of lines.
Let me know what you think, if you’d be interested in contributing in one way or another, and which subjects you’d like to tackle. If you have a particularly tricky scene or a recurring problem in your writing that you’d like to share with others, tell me about it. If it’s erotica, make sure it is erotic and not just smutty or I’m the one who won’t be interested 🙂