The Dark Citadel

New page, new book. The first of ‘The Green Woman’ trilogy. It will hit the wonderful wide world in e format sometime in spring 2013.

Watch out for it – it’s divilish good.

Here’s what it’s about.

The story is set in a near future theocracy, intolerant, brutal and rigidly repressive, where women are merely vessels, and the works of the Wise God appear suspiciously similar to the works of the prince of evil. Few people in the Holy City State of Providence seem to either notice or care: but it only takes an unloved adolescent to kick over the traces and the whole rotten edifice begins to crumble.

When the choice is an arranged marriage to a drooling idiot, or flight into the antechamber of hell, Deborah chooses to face the Demon, setting in motion the confrontation between darkness and light that will determine the shape of the world.

The Holy City State of Providence

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