Tumbling forwar…

Tumbling forward five years after the Abomination, high school students, Carla and Tully, are dumped into the supermarket at the end of the world.Image

The crumbling shopping mall is haunted by the Flay tribe, a demented bunch of young people led by the insane Ace, survivors of the glacial cold and attacks by savage mutant animals and rival tribes. Earth is a barren desert and fuel and food are running out.


But that was the encouraging bit. The supermarket Holy Man, a skinny epileptic kid in a smelly drac skin cloak prophesies the return of the Burnt Man aka Lucifer with the horsemen of the Apocalypse to sound the last trump.

Tully is press-ganged into the Flay tribe, but talks his way into the job of Warlord.

Carla, though, joins the ranks of the women, bullied into submission and resigned to an existence of slavery until hunger and cold finish them off.

With the friends they make among Ace’s tribesmen, Carla and Tully decide to leave the party before the gatecrashers arrive. Two things upset their plans, a concerted attack by the surrounding rival Tribes

and an unexpected discovery locked up in the bank – Tully’s irrepressible dad who refuses to let Armageddon get him down.

In the confusion following the fighting, the Burnt Man returns with his eaters of souls, the crew make a run for it even though the only way out is down another wormhole that could take them absolutely anywhere.

And it does.