Make Straight Make Curved Make

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Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

From the collection Picture Making, published 2017. The three photos served as the inspiration for the poem. For more information, look here.

Make Straight Make Curved Make

Take the unshaped mass of clay.
Between your hands press it
until a cylinder forms. Press in more and draw up the sides.
It will take strength. Do not hesitate.
The bowl is made. Take your finger and hold it to the bottom
let it rise to the top
leaving its spiral track.

So your thoughts are made and so
they arrive at a finished state. Even the
yellow dandelion ideas that spring up overnight
have spent all winter underground
until the hands of spring press them upwards
and out.

Haste and confusion thrive
up and down the earth
but the road
every road
is curved and the end
is out of your sight
until the right time has come and

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you’re my piazza navona

I once dreamed of living in Rome. This blog is the nearest I’ll get to it.

a love letter to rome

When I think of the Piazza Navona in Rome I think of you now.

Last time I was there I was walking around, and every coffee I had, or wine I sipped, or smile I gave to a passing man, or Bernini fountains I stopped and stood at for the hundredth time pondering with fresh eyes, or place I wandered into… gazing at everything in Saint Agnese, or in the museums near by; I thought about you there in the piazza before me, and after me, off in your own reverie, not thinking of me except when I asked for an image of you once, standing before a marble goddess. You sent it to your part-time Aphrodite on Hérmes’ winged feet, and I treasured it, and buried it, like Crassus’ riches.

You have captured my imagination against my will, and that’s kind of lovely.

This strange, exciting, impossible idea of you…

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Perfect Your Dystopian World in 5 Easy Steps

I’m in this guide of how to write dystopias—shoulder to shoulder with Orwell and Huxley!

Sacha Black

DystopiaI’m obsessive. Once I get my little fishhook fingers into something there is nothing I won’t consume about a subject.

That’s why I’ve obsessively read books since I sung my first ABC and it’s why I write just as obsessively now.

One of my biggest obsessions, is the concept of dystopian worlds. I heart everything about them. I want the t-shirt, the fan girl moves, the merch and ALL the books. ALL OF THEM.

But right now, as a writer, I’m more interested in how to get them right. What do you need building bricks do you need to include and what key factors do you need to make a dystopian world realistic.

I’ve just finished reading Jane Dougherty’s Abomination. It was both a fantastic read and an exceptional example of an apocalyptic and dystopian setting.

Here are 5 steps to perfect the dystopian world.

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A Holiday Dinner

Wonderful, happy post!

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

Monday Morning Musings:

I often wonder what I would do to survive, to escape

it’s the story of Passover, after all.

the story of a group of enslaved people who escape

(with the help of a few miracles)

and of people all over the world in the past and present.

My grandparents left a repressive land,

pogroms and restrictions,

coming here where they could prosper

they met and married.

Both sets of grandparents—love matches.

They worked hard through the Great Depression

and WWII

making certain that their children were educated.

Some people don’t want to think about

slavery in this country.

They want to visit historic sites

without a reminder that slave labor kept the homes and farms running.

But we can acknowledge the achievements

and the faults of historic figures.

I listen to Annette Gordon-Reed and

Peter S. Onuf discuss Jefferson’s complicated

moral geography—

people and situations are seldom…

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