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Welcome to Jane Dougherty’s site. You will find posts about writing in general, my writing in particular, and random notes about where I live, and my animals and other family.
Thanks for dropping in.

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Download Security Alert, a free introductory story to the world of The Green Woman by clicking on the cover.


The Green Woman series starts here with The Dark Citadel. Click on the image to Look Inside.

The trailer for The Dark Citadel: first volume of The Green Woman

An omnibus edition of The Green Woman trilogy is now available.

All of my stories are available for purchase at


159 thoughts on “Home page”

  1. Hello Jane,

    My mom just sent me two books of yours, looking forward to reading them. Been to Donegal recently looking for ghosts.


  2. hey Jane, thanks for dropping by my place. your updated site looks great, how did your last novel go? I’ve been away a while- but my heads buzzing with the Ernest cline books I’ve just completed reading. – as you see i’m trying to carry his 80s journey on.

    1. I sometimes feel I’m still living in the 80s. I don’t much like the world of 2015. I’ll try and read a few more of your posts. WordPress had a hissy fit a few months ago and I had to reset all my notifications again one at a time. It still doesn’t work for some of them. The trilogy is complete and I’m pleased with it. Just waiting for the New York Times to notice me:)

  3. This is just a short note to let you know that my entry for Day #1 of the Three Days, Three Quotes Challenge (https://rivrvlogr.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/day-one-of-the-three-day-three-quotes-challenge/) does not include your name as a nominee for the challenge, contrary to the specific rule to nominate three bloggers. 😉
    Instead, I’ve pointed readers in the direction of three of my favorite poets here at WordPress. Needless to say, you are one of them.

  4. Hey there, Jane! You were one of the four Heroes of Awesomeness at the 2015 Two-Sentence Story Challenge!
    There’s a cute button waiting for you ^_^
    Thank you for participating!

  5. Hi Jane, just to let you know..I have named you on my blog as a woman blogger who inspires me as part of a response to a challenge called “GirlLove”. Nothing required from you:)

    1. Somebody else told me that. You have to click on the button at the bottom of the warning message that says you’re ignoring the warning. There ought to be a message box pop up that you send to Google to tell them there’s nothing wrong with the site.

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