Since forever I’ve been a writer. As of June 2013, I will be a published writer.

First book out with be ‘The Dark Citadel’, first volume of ‘The Green Woman’ trilogy. The second and third volumes are all ready to go, so the cliffhanger endings won’t be too painful.

‘Wormholes’ is a different kettle of fish entirely and will have to wait in the wings awhile. It’s a two part story, again it’s all finished bar the shouting so readers won’t have to wait for me to write another book to find out what happens next.

Finding the time to write has always been the major problem. Children have been the inspiration and the incentive to write. They have also been the main obstacle. Now they are old enough to fend for themselves, and despite the growing numbers of feline and canine time-consumers, I have the luxury of some time to myself.

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