The tower #writephoto

Here is the photo for Sue’s Thursday prompt.


The honeymoon suite, he’d said. A honeymoon to remember, he’d laughed. Can’t wait, she’d said.

They arrived after nightfall. The tower that looked like a crag grinned down at them. The top-most windows of the candle-lit room watched their progress. He stopped the car.

“Well?” He turned to her with a questioning look. “What do you think?”

She clenched her fists and stared ahead, straight into the palely flickering window eyes. “You’re kidding.”

He laughed. She glared at him, unsure what the laughter meant.

“I’m not getting out of this car,” she said, keeping her voice steady with an effort.

He leant across and kissed her on the cheek. “You are silly sometimes,” he murmured. “I’m just teasing. The hotel’s a bit further down the road, overlooking the beach.”

She shot him a look of relief and her fists unclenched. “Let’s go then. I’d kill for a hot bath.” She kissed him back. “And other things.”

He grinned and the car moved off along the winding coast road to where the hotel crouched on the cliff overlooking the rocky cove. Behind them, the tower windows of the ruin blinked and went dark. Eyes followed them, satisfied. In a little while, shadows gathered at the foot of the tower and slid along the narrow impasse that led to the hotel, but not back again.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

45 thoughts on “The tower #writephoto”

      1. Well my take ended up a little more creepy this week!
        What your ending was is the kind of thing my hubby would do!!!

  1. Loved the ghostly ending. “But not back again” is perfect and leads to many questions. Such a wonderful piece of writing, Jane.

      1. You’ve had them that long? At least I was spared until I hit my early twenties. I’m hoping the menopause will see them of. It has to be useful for something.

      2. All my life… but far better since a surgical menopause nearly twenty years ago. Just as bad… but FAR less frequent 🙂

      3. Get them warmed up and draw the blood away from the head… I find washing my hair always helps too, daft as it seems, and just leaving it to dry slowly.

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