The Kindle Cometh

Today my Kindle arrived. All I can say is, it’s a good job I got the simplest, most foolproof model, because it has taken me hours to get it set up. Mainly because it won’t charge on my computer, and then because Amazon wouldn’t recognise my account. It’s sorted now—charged on husband’s computer, and hooked up to husband’s Amazon account. You’d think the Taliban had infiltrated the Amazon eco-system.

I was getting on fine with WIP until the postman beat on the door and knocked the letterbox off in his inimitable fashion—he does this regularly, trying to push large parcels through a small slot, but today he did it without trying to push anything through; it’s a knack he has.
The first fight scene was out of the way, the first argument scene was dusted off, and I was steaming ahead with some extreme introversion, when the Kindle took over. Will this be a life-changing experience? It doesn’t look like a book. Will I enjoy reading from it?
It’s rare that I buy new books. Most of the books I own are second hand, and the rest come from the library. Smelly, dog-eared books hold no mystery for me, nor do books with the odd page torn out, or some stupid comment scrawled in red biro over a particularly good bit. Then there are the dubious smears and stains that make me want to wash my hands every time I turn a page, and certainly preclude reading in bed. If that’s what people mean when they talk about the print book experience, then I can’t say I’ll miss it.
The Kindle doesn’t smell of musty old paper, but nor does it smell of whatever the last owner dropped it in. So, I won’t get the bacteria, but on the positive side, the Kindle is certainly lighter than any paperback and the pages stay open all by themselves. The text is clearer than many mass-market paperbacks with their smeary ink and super-absorbant paper. Not to mention the lurid covers.
Tonight will be the test. Tonight I will curl up with my (clean) Kindle, click on the only book I have so far purchased, and I’ll see if I manage to read it without too much nostalgia for the whiff of…


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

6 thoughts on “The Kindle Cometh”

  1. It takes a teeny tiny amount of time to get over the “this isn’t a book” feeling and then it’s love love all the way. I always go to the cover to start, I hate with a vengeance the generic covers some main stream publishers use and any book that has arrived in my machine sans cover has been sent straight back. If the author can’t be bothered then I don’t want to read their work. I have a house full of books, they are lovely, and colourful and decorative but I absolutely love my Kindle. Mine is an old “collectors item” first generation and it is as good today as it was when I bought it, no deterioration in quality and Amazon keep them updated. Happy Kindling (erm p.s. I have a few reasonably priced books available – if you were so inclined) !!

  2. Congratulations on your Kindle! Hope you enjoy many hours of happy reading. I use to be a paper book only fan, until my sister bought me a Kindle for my birthday. Absolutely love it now.

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