The Irish in the First World War, the World War I in Ireland

So much more tragedy than you ever imagined came out of WWI. Arran unearths a bit more.

Arran Q Henderson

The Irish in the First World War, World War I in Ireland

Incident and pain, commemoration and controversy. – Dublin in World War I.  

Every year from 2014-2018 is a First World War centenary year.  But times are changing.  Now after 100 years we in Ireland, perhaps for the first time properly remember and honour our long-dead citizens who fought in the Great War.


Why now, “for the first time”?  Because, for many years, far too long really, this was an immensely sensitive, painful, conflicted and complex subject for many in Ireland.

Many of the surviving 20th century Irish former WWI servicemen who’d fought, often with extraordinary bravery and distinction in the War, were treated with great suspicion or outright hostility, as traitors or “collaborators” following their return home.  Imagine what that felt like.

Among the Church of Ireland and Dissenter minorities, this was not the case, although…

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