4 Mistakes to Avoid When Translating Research into Fiction

Great story from a great writer.

Sacha Black

4 Mistake To Avoid When Transcribing Research Into Fiction.jpegI’ve been reviewing books in a new way, a kind of quick fire lessons learnt thing. You can see old oneshere: 5 Lessons in First Person POV&How to Snag A Publisher First Time With Your Synopsis.

So I decided to continue the trend and reviewConor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean (The Tir Na Nog Trilogy Book 1)by Ali Isaac in the same way.

This time I learnthow totranslate research into fiction, and because Isaac translates so well, I learnt what to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

I picked up Ali’s book because she’s my friend,soI wanted to read it. But, I’ll be honest. It’s Irish mythology, something, up to the point I peeled open the front cover, I knew nothing about. I was more than a little daunted by the prospect of sinking my teeth into a few hundred pages of what…

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6 thoughts on “4 Mistakes to Avoid When Translating Research into Fiction”

  1. Thanks so much for re-blogging this, Jane. I came to is just as I am writing synopses for my next books! Great timing! xx 🙂

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