Pyramid Orchids

This is what I mean about hundreds of orchids. A bit of the meadow in front of the study window before the storm started. You can only see the pyramid orchids because they’re big enough for my camera to pick up, but there are dozens of bee orchids in there too.


lots more pyramids


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

33 thoughts on “Pyramid Orchids”

    1. There are literally hundreds of them. We’ve noticed that when they grow on a lawn, the people round here mow around them. Maybe it’s a local superstition.

  1. Neither have I heard of a bee orchid. Will be looking it up. Here we have the most delicate little lily with the tiniest dark pink flower. They grow only in shade.

      1. Hey Jane! A new flower? Sounds great. But dont bring them to Germany. Here the do not want any bio-emigrants. Officially here we are fighting against bees from Asia and some herbs too.
        Our Officials think they are all to aggressive. ***lol*** Have a good day! Michael

      2. Sorry for the late response Jane? Here we are in the nature, but therefore a little bit aways from the real nature. The GDPR hopefully will not effect on orchids, but maybe my wellbeeing. We have to manage over 20 domains, all with “best connections” to all the firms the EU no longer wants to give an overview over the German economy. 😉 Michael

      3. Ah, I was forgetting you have a lot of sites to manage. Good luck with it then, and the orchids will still be there when it’s all sorted out 🙂

      4. Thank you Jane! 😉 In real i am a little bit angry with the EU whenever i read this piece of … I think its no data protection, its more a prelude to an economic war with the USA. ;-( Michael

      5. I haven’t really been taking any notice of it. I keep all social media contacts to a minimum and I assume that data on me is being collected all the time bey everyone.

      6. Maybe you know, the internet was invented by the us-amerikan Department of Defense, the research center of DARPA. The so named “DARPA-net” is still active. Some people say this is the real Darknet.

      7. I didn’t know but it doesn’t surprise me. I look out of the window at the meadow, hear the birds singing and know that somewhere in the blue sky there is an evil US spy system preparing to infiltrate and turn all of this to dust. Not literally maybe, but with their Monsantos, their United Fruit, their Fords and all the other crap they spew on the world. Nothing is safe so why should we worry about getting ads we won’t even read?

      8. Oh yes Jane. So true! Since 10 years the EU itself works on a spy system, video surveillance with biometric and character detecting. The system is able to verify a person by their walking. Georg Orwell’s “1984” is reality. ;-(

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