this path is straight

has no turnings

it leads to the mountain of words

and unopened books

and it has no end


the hedges are dark

at either hand

though white cups of roses

float here are there

and birds flutter


the path is a stream

between stony banks

its course relentless

carrying its debris of fellow travellers

to the sea


where drowning in disappointment

awaits those with empty hands

and the worries

that ran alongside

like tireless hounds


swim now with jaunty fins

still here

they roll their silver-glitter eyes

reminding us of wild roses

in a forgotten hedgerow

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

13 thoughts on “Disillusion”

  1. My comment disappeared.
    Where are we going and what do we expect to find when we get there? The blind leading the blind.

    And great landscape by Munch–I’ve never seen it before. (K)

    1. I read ‘my comet disappeared’.
      It’s easy to feel low about what isn’t or hasn’t but if we had what isn’t or hasn’t the rest would still be there, the kids out of work, the planet dying, so maybe we’re permanently barking up the wrong tree.

      1. That disappeared too!. Its true. Nothing but real change will make things better. We can’t buy our way or even bargain our way out of it.

      2. The WP gremlins are hungry.
        I heard another glacier in the Italian Alps is about to break up, people evacuated. And a huge piece of the last intact Arctic glacier has broken away. Yet there’s no climate change, not human activity, unless it’s Chinese maybe, not our fault anyway.

      3. The workshop of the world. We’re happy enough to buy the stuff they produce, to let them destroy their environment and have them work like slaves but we still moralise about their (nasty) customs. Can’t have it both ways. If we can’t produce our own washing machines we’re buggered.

      4. Yet we are condemning those who are asking for a change in our system of production/consumption to produce what we need in our own countries. What we can’t produce, we think seriously about whether we really want to buy it. Nobody wants to make sacrifices or give up the pleasures of over indulging in crappy useless pass-times and gadgetry.

  2. The sea has magnificent creatures, but it receives our detritus. Does that have to be the cost of gaining eternity? Shouldn’t we leave a world better than we found it?

    Well, of course we don’t and have no intention. It would be something if purgatory meant to clean the righteous path before being allowed to set upon it.

    It’s an impressive painting, the colors and direction.

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