36 thoughts on “Flour”

      1. I’ll do it, but not today. It’s our wedding anniversary and I’m taking it easy. I spent most of the day before our wedding cooking, it makes me feel tired just thinking about it.

  1. Attractive packaging! I love the blue-green colour. There’s a trucking company uses that colour for their trucks and I never fail to point out their trucks if we’re out driving and I spot them πŸ™‚

    1. Since book covers yell out at you what’s inside, you do it without even being aware of it. Pastel colours with curly script title means ‘women’s’ or chick lit, ominous indeterminate clouds/sea and block capitals title means crime, woman in languid pose, with or without period costume means romance etc etc. So predictable.

      1. When I used to browse at the library I chose first by title, then by cover illustration. Then I would read the blurb to see if I was taking it home. Lately I’ve noticed is that successful book will spawn imitation covers, regardless of what’s inside. Stupid marketing in my opinion, but no one is asking me.

      2. They know what makes money for someone in the short term. What matters for a lot of these people, publishers included, isn’t whether the book gets good reviews, whether people are satisfied it comes up to the hype expectations, because for readers to know they didn’t like it, they have to have already bought it…

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