Poetry challenge Nove Otto: the entries

This is a form I like very much and I was pleased to see how many of you decided to give it a try.

A moving tribute from Ken. This last week has seen one such senseless tragedy after another.

Thoughts for Those Who Will Not See This Full Moon | rivrvlogr

On a lighter note…

Eye on the Past | rivrvlogr


From Kat Myrman. So many gorgeous images in this short poem! That penumbral cusp, for example…

Worm Moon – a Nove otto | like mercury colliding…


Kim (in Norfolk) I can’t believe that’s a true self-portrait!

Writer’s Block – writing in north norfolk


Kerfe’s poem is a nice use of the repetitive construct to underline the repetition of the seasons.

What Part 2 | method two madness


From Merril, another lovely poem including Ozymandias and spindrift 🙂

Reflections on an Assateague Beach | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Sri embroidering on the nine waves theme


and a second poem, an ode to beauty.



Doug, the Elusive Trope. So dark and unsettling. ‘the rasp of madness windblown’—great phrase.

Parlor Games | Elusive Trope


The Crow— ‘the woods still sigh the owls still weep’. Another dark brooding poem full of a sinister light.

Poem 20160324 – Caw!


Jennifer from the Graceful Press with the antidote to brooding and unsettling. This is pure loveliness.

serious work | Graceful Press Poetry


From Geoff Le Pard, a light-hearted poke at his dear dad 🙂

Life Lessons | TanGental


Janice with a winter-crisp story of domestic, if not bliss, understanding.

Morning frost – Ontheland

A breathtaking collection once again. You really do produce some gobsmacking stuff! Call back tomorrow for a new theme.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Nove Otto: the entries”

    1. You’re right—it is like music. There’s always a dark counter-point to the light hopeful poems, and a sunny side to chase away the unsettling lines. Wonderful combination 🙂

      1. Yes Jane…you were the inspiration…you gave me the idea of writing a series and also an oppurtunity to experiment amd experience multiple Poetry formats

      2. Jane, this one is for you…

        Writing was just a hobby,
        Scribbles in the lobby,
        You have me inspiration,
        right direction, right direction….

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