a Gift to the World: Beautiful 1916 images, & text, free (Read this now)

Great artwork!

Arran Q Henderson

I’m writing this in a dash, just to let anybody know who isn’t already aware there’s a wonderful 1916 book- a joint project of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Irish Academy (and published by the Royal Irish Academy)- called 1916: Portraits and Lives.  The book is 42 short biographies of key figures in 1916, from all sides.  It can be ordered online or bought in many bookshops here (RRP, €30)  But it’s also available as an ebook, and this is free to download during March.  Since March ends tomorrow midnight, I just wanted to be sure my readers were aware of this.  The book was designed to be “a present to the world” from Ireland, to commemorate the 1916 Rebellion, generally seen as the foundation event of our state.  The text is excellent, by scholars selected and invited by the Royal Irish Academy, Ireland’s leading research…

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