Birthday: Three

Since it’s my birthday, here’s one of my favourite Bowie songs.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

87 thoughts on “Birthday: Three”

    1. Apart from it being colder than I’d like, it was lovely thanks Peter. I was thinking of you again today as I walked past the Belem for about the twentieth time. She’s been tied up here for weeks now. I’m beginning to think the old girl has something wrong with her.

  1. Happy Birthday, Jane. Ziggy Stardust is my all-time fav’. Diamond Dogs my favorite album.
    I hope you enjoy your day and many more.

      1. There was a galette des rois, the flaky frangipane pastry thing with a porcelaine figurine hidden in it to celebrate the epiphany; We’re a bit ahead of ourselves this year.

      2. We had some cakes last Christmas, one of which had a porcelain figure in. The one that got it was meant to have a lucky year ahead? Reminded me a little of the times somebody would find a sixpence in their Christmas pudding. You don’t see that much these days. I think because of health & safety and all that.

      3. It’s the same tradition. Twelfth Night and the king of the feast would be the one who found the bean in his pudding. Modern bakers put a porcelaine figure in the cake because, I mean, who would get excited about a bean?

  2. I do hope that you enjoy your day – clearly in great company – how can DB not be great company? Perish the thought! And hopefully, others – treasured friends, and family are helping to make the day extra special. Here’s wishing that all of your birthday wishes come true – for the next entire new year. (I’m a firm believer in wishing for the year to come) Happy birthday Jane ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‡

      1. nope nope …. think big; there is a difference between thinking big and being greedy …. and I can absolutely bet that you are anything but greedy …. so think BIG! ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. The one thing I’ve started to be greedy about is my time. My time was never my own, always someone else’s. Now the children are (almost) all old enough to worry about their own problems, I try to grab time for me. There’s nothing more precious, and each birthday rams that home.

      3. Well I suppose that’s life – we give and offer and do what needs to be done, paying prices that sometimes really overstep our boundaries, until something significant shifts – and then, slowly, we carve out new spaces and boundaries, and begin to re-prioritize – nothing wrong with that at all.

      4. It’s something that’s hard for young people to understand though. Until they’ve spent the best part of twenty years looking after small children and never thinking about what they would rather be doing, they can’t see why mother would want a bit of time on her own. They will, one day.

      1. Santa is a story we never really encouraged. They got all that from school and friends. What I dislike intensely about the whole idea that you can ask for the earth and some old bloke you don’t know will get it for you. When parents kill themselves to buy all the junk their kids ask for ‘to make them happy’ without the kids having the least idea how much it costs. Not a good precedent to set IMHO.

      2. I just dislike the protests of ‘but childhood should be magical’ when i tell people i won’t be telling my don about santa. Yes, yes it is ALREADY magical is a point that’s hard to get across to some…then there is the other crap to consider that you’ve pointed out.

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