Haibun: Gift

This is another attempt at a haibun for the dVerse poet’s pub. The theme is ‘free’.


In the streets where the stores with glitzy names stand shoulder to shoulder, their doors proudly open to the bitter winter wind, crowds surge and press. So much glitter, so much music, muffled jazz or chic silence in the thick-carpeted exclusive boutiques, insinuating into pockets and wallets. Guards on the doors, bored and heavy-jowelled, watch impassively. So much glitter fills hands, touching and caressing to weigh the worth. Feet shove into too-tight shoes, bellies sucked in, huffing and puffing the sea moves through the treasure trove of the sales. Toc. Tat. Too much and not enough. I turn my back and watch the gulls sailing with the river.

Cold sun glints on glass,

credit cards flash and twinkle,

brown bird sings for free.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

31 thoughts on “Haibun: Gift”

      1. It’s changed now with online shopping and such, but “Black Friday” after our Thanksgiving used to be huge shopping day. I know people who got up extra early in the morning to do it. AND LOVED IT! It would be a nightmare to me.

      2. I remember not that long ago, when people used to camp outside the big fancy stores like Harrods to get the bargain as soon as the shop opened on the first day of the sales. They would spend days trawling the shops beforehand, picking out what they intended to grab. It’s a shame people can’t get as passionate and single-minded about things that matter.

  1. Sad, isn’t it, all those people trying to buy happiness and pack it into their shopping bags, when it’s free to savor, if only they could see. Wonderful haiku!

    1. Thank you Bev! I agree enirely. And you know that the people who get so excited about a coveted pair of shoes will sling them in the bin as soon as they go out of fashion…and buy another coveted pair…

    1. Thank you, Victoria 🙂 I find the Japanese poetry forms difficult to get my head round. BTW I can’t remember if I got back to your post. It was with yours that the site started to bug for me and wouldn’t open any of the links. The comment page disappeared too. I’ll go and check 🙂

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