All wrapped up

We can’t move for boxes now. I’ve packed up most of the kitchen utensils so I don’t know how we’re going to eat over the next few days. Still washing clothes, towels and bad linen and hoping it will all be dry enough to pack.

Trixie does not like having that little cat so close…
The little cat’s favourite perch.
Finbar obviously thinks it’s his turn for the bubble wrap treatment.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

41 thoughts on “All wrapped up”

      1. I’d like that but we have the accumulation of both sets of parents’ things plus our own plus the stuff the children want us to keep for them. It adds up to far more than anyone needs, but how do you ditch the things your parents loved?

  1. Your cats seem surprisingly relaxed, given all the boxing up and changes in their routine. Good for them! I love the shot of the dog on bubble wrap. Although I hope none of them find out what happens when they pop one with their claws: very shocking.

    1. Thanks. I’m going to sign off today until it’s all over. We’ve worked out a plan for the cats. We’ve emptied one room completely and we’ll lock them in there until everything has gone. They’re going to hate it…

  2. Strength. Courage. All shall be well 😊 I remember my mother helping me pack a particularly huge move in the mid-90s and sitting back dramatically on her haunches and saying ‘just give me a box and I’ll fill it’ ….

      1. Well you are a writer. That I know. But now the term is so vaguely used, I sometime have to remind myself of it as a profession and not a hobby.

      2. You can be a good amateur and a lousy professional. Just because people buy your work doesn’t make it good, and just because nobody buys it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

      3. But few take the leap. It’s better to be a bad writer then a good amateur. People forget or just don’t want to remember that writing is and always was a serious business. No wonder, all the writers have personality traits that can be defined as tad bit eccentric.

      4. Writing is like painting. To be a ‘Sunday painter’ is horribly disparaging. There are an awful lot of ‘Sunday writers’. It is a serious business, but simply taking it seriously won’t create talent where there is none.

      5. I agree, that is why I said it is a serious business. Now a days a ‘Sunday painter’ is a ‘painter’. And what I don’t like is people calling themselves as Writer. It’s a title that should be bestowed not a sticker that can be attached. So you’re a writer, but I don’t think everyone can make that claim. Even I won’t make it.

      6. Maybe it’s a responsibility you ought to accept. You have a talent for writing. Even the greats have editors. They don’t get it right first time. Have confidence, polish and rewrite. Be a stickler for getting the grammar right, use the correct words and you’ll be good.

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