May journal 5

The day, after nightingale night,
slender-mooned and black,
blossoms in blue and green-gold.

Even those spirits, shrunk
into the bald mud between grass stalks,
soar on such mornings.

Wheat in the spring wind
green and growing

wind in the head
full of nets

ears burn
full of the sea-voices
of windy leaves.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

17 thoughts on “May journal 5”

    1. It stands our because it’s so lonely! I saw only two poppies at the edge of that field. There should have been hundreds. Another nail in the coffin of biodiversity ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. I wonder if the wheat was planted using no-till methods; fewer poppies will appear because poppy seed needs exposing.

      2. I don’t know what method they use. The least complicated I imagine. The farms are small and mixed, and the area under any one crop is small. There are always poppies along the lanes, but there’s nothing up here where there are only cart tracks between fields.

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