Poetry challenge #25: Cinquain

Before I get into this week’s challenge, I want to post links to the two poems that arrived too late to be included in the Cleave Poetry roundup.

this one from Phylor via Bastet

Jimi’s b’day – Phylor’s Blog

And the Elusive Trope. Playing hard to get, or just writing a masterpiece, I’ll let you judge.

Two-Dimensional | Elusive Trope


This week’s challenge is a form we used a while ago and I’m trotting it out again because

1) I haven’t had time to winkle out another new form that doesn’t have a complex rhyming scheme.

2) I saw that it was used as a prompt for NaPoWriMo yesterday so it’s been on my mind.

The rules for the cinquain are here in case you’ve forgotten. As an extra prop/challenge/torture, however you choose to look at it, I’d also like you to include at least one of the following assortment of words:

Fly, lightning, verdant, unfurl, softly.

Here are a couple of cinquains to illustrate the different methods.



Black cloud anger,

Silvers the hushed darkness.

We wait with bated breath for the




Unchained, furious

Illuminating the darkness,

Spear-bright, chasing sacred shadows,



Please try out the cinquain again and post your links in the comments. Deadline next Monday night my time. I live at the centre of the universe, of course, so you’ll have to work out for yourselves where you are.


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38 thoughts on “Poetry challenge #25: Cinquain”

    1. Now, Kat, I’m going to send you back to your seat with a clean sheet of paper and ask you to write some more using a word or two from the prompt list. Otherwise no chocolate 🙂

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