Microfiction challenge Burning Angel: the entries

This second photo prompt brought a rich crop of stories, all different with references to our very diverse cultural backgrounds. Want a tour of the world of myths and beliefs? Read on.

New prompt tomorrow: same rules, same idea, new image.


Sarah from the south west with two versions of the same story. See which one you think works best.

Microfiction challenge – Burning Angel | fmme writes poems


Ken’s cautionary tale with a dramatic and sad ending.

Burning Angel – Microfiction Challenge #2 | rivrvlogr


Phylor with an avenging angel in a very real sense.

JD’s Microfiction Challenge #2 Burning Angel: Avenging Angel – Phylor’s Blog


Michael’s angel is both avenging and guardian.

Microfiction challenge #2: Burning Angel | Morpethroad


MariJo—eat your heart out John Milton!

Hope Remains

And this great blank space is introduced by the ghost in the machine and no amount of HTLM tinkering will get rid of it. Bloody angels!

Shadeau’s story, like Michael’s brings us a burning angel with a role, protector of the chosen.

The Burning Angel | LINES of SHADEAU


Louise with a folk tale style story which could maybe have a sequel.

Beneath the Flames – Fantasy Raconteur


Sri with two versions of a mythological subject




Bill’s story, to my mind, was technically just about as good as it gets. See what you think.



Kerfe with a picture that says it all.

Junk Mail Art: Retribution | method two madness


Mek with a story about flying angels, nuns, and those two devilish kids from last week. You were wondering what happened to them, weren’t you?

Angel of F(light) | Work in Progress

There’s always one, isn’t there? Usually the same one too. Geoff has just sent this nasty little gem so I’ll slip it in while nobody’s looking.

Bonfire of the Vanities #prompt #microfiction #shortstory


Nice work everyone, see you tomorrow 🙂

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