Poetry challenge Summer Storm: the entries

The Rondelet went down a storm! Must have been relief after the Ghazal. Thank you all for your poetry, once again so diverse and frankly beautiful.


Kat obviously likes summer storms.

Summer Storm – A Rondelet | like mercury colliding…


A gentle threat in Lady Lee’s poem.

Poetry challenge #45: Summer storm – Rondelet – ladyleemanila


Sarah—you can pick out the ones whose imagination has a fantastical bent…

Summer storm, a rondelet for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems


Another first timer, Grammy’s poem looks to the brighter days after the darkness.



Matthew with the storm as metaphor. Very dark but effective.

Poetry challenge #45: Rondelet | Twisted Roads of Madness


Unlike Kat, I’d say Kim does not relish being caught out in a storm—menacing.

No Place to Hide – writing in north norfolk


A first contribution from Imelda with a poem about imminent treachery.



Sue’s trio of rondelets is truly magnificent, running the gamut of emotions.

Summer storm | Sue Vincent – Daily Echo


I like the way Ken uses the refrain in the same way as the refrain in a triolet, to slightly twist the meaning, leaving us with the impression that a message has been imparted.

Summer Storm | rivrvlogr


Anita’s poem is in a very classical mode, to suit the formal rhythm of the rondelet.

Summer Scolds – As it Comes


Sri makes the distinction between the benefits of rain and the destructivepower of the storm.



Kerfe with a superb pictorial assembly of phrases.

Summer Storm | method two madness


Merril’s storm is a delicate series of dance steps.

Rain Dance | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Helen’s evocation pinpoints the sensation of cool rain on hot skin that comes with summer storms.

Poetry Challenge #45 – Summer Storm | Journey To Ambeth


Janice’s storm is the prelude to a real outpouring of life.

Summer storm: when it rains it pours – Ontheland


In the first of Tricia’s poems she seems undecided as to whether she welcomes the storm or not. The second one is the clincher—after the storm, there’s hope.

Summer Storm – Creative State of Mind


Damien’s poem also has an apocalyptic feel to it—our own fault this time.



Louise’s storm is straight out of the Apocalypse. Why am I not surprised?

Wicked Storm – Fantasy Raconteur


Leara’s poem is about another sensation brought by the storm—a remembered odour.



That was quite a list, and quite a collection of fine poems! Thank you all for contributing, and I hope you’ll join in with the next challenge posted tomorrow.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

32 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Summer Storm: the entries”

      1. I don’t know what it is, but there are so many poetry and writing groups around, and I rarely see anything worth shouting about on any of them. Maybe we just attract the serious people?

    1. I’ve joined lots of poetry groups and honestly have never found very much seriously good poetry. I think there’s a hard core of participants here who love writing poetry and make an effort to try out new forms and follow rules. It’s harder than saying ‘just write what you feel like and call it poetry’, but it gets much better results 🙂

      1. It often helps maintain a discipline and have fun along the way, learning new techniques or being focused. I can ramble for Britain lol. I need structures occasionally.

  1. Wow, it seems like the number of entries grows every week! I’m really looking forward to sitting down with a brew and reading them all. I think the prompts are really high quality, quite challenging, but they do seem to get people rising to the occasion. I really like having something quite disciplined to do. It forces you to really think about what you want to say, and how to say it.

    1. Maybe that’s the difference with an open-ended challenge and unmitigated often exaggerated praise for mediocre poems. A personal outpouring isn’t necessarily poetry. I agree—discipline is essential.

  2. These are really wonderful. I agree with the above comments about how your challenges inspire people (myself included) to try new forms–and to take it seriously. So thank you, Jane!

  3. Thanks as usual for putting all the poems together in a wrap up ….takes time to read them all so it must take even more to pull them all together!

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