Birthday: One

Photo©Jean-Luc Ourlin


This day, a symbol, a turning of the path,

is more, an aging, a dimming of the light.

So easy at the dark time of the year,

when nature sleeps and the stars weigh down

with such heavy, insupportable glitter,

to feel the end in the endlessness,

the slipping from warm closeness

into the cold nothingness beyond.

She gives me a card, the child, on this day,

a message of special words

that bring the sun a little closer,

the spring a little nearer.

‘We could be heroes’

and this is the day.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

16 thoughts on “Birthday: One”

    I take tiny credit for our prior Bowie Wowie conversation and yet THIS is … it’s spectacular those last lines – I actually teared up do you know how hard it is to tear up with a poem? Not as easy as it sounds … and the picture – so sad and beautiful this is just .. this is just so very good and lovely he would be chuffed at this – well done! well done!

      1. Is it today? If so .. many many happy returns dear girl. If it is tomorrow or was yesterday, ditto, and either way, with fairy cake and much love to a wonderful lady for another happy year of words. PS so you’re a Sag same as me or has it gone to Capricorn yet?

      2. It is today and it’s been as I wanted it—quiet. I didn’t let myself be brow-beaten into celebrating which as far as I can see just means me providing the food and entertainment for everybody else. I’m not Mother Theresa, I don’t enjoy martyrdom. Yes, we’re still Saggi. Husband is too. I think that might be good, but not being an adept I could be wildly wrong. If I am, we’re the exception that proves the rule 🙂

      3. Then today on your special day I wish you all good things (and going forward also) – definitely know what you mean as getting older less need to celebrate doesn’t mean you are not happy or content just doesn’t have to be all razzle dazzle – totally understand that. Good star sign (said the very biased girl) Happy Birthday! xo BIG HUGS

      4. Thank you 🙂 Before my birthday ends, I’m going to try and give my favourite broken character a little light in her darkness. Poor Valka needs it. Then I shall go to bed and hope I don’t dream about the rest of the cast 🙂

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