I read some poison

I have just read a thread of tweets about the Sandy Hook massacre that has filled me with disgust. Excuse me if I vomit in public, but amid the stream of messages of remembrance, parents mourning dead children and hopes that something will one day change, was the denier thread.

There really are people in this sad world who will post their ‘well-researched findings’ that prove that Sandy Hook never took place, that it was a sham to gain credit for the anti-gun lobby, that one of the fake victims was later seen standing next to President Obama at a meeting. Anyone who sympathises with that ‘opinion’ is invited to not voice it on this blog.


I read some words drawled from a deep, dark hole,

Denying that those children really died,

Fake news, he said, to crush the nation’s soul.

I read those words drawled from a deep, dark hole,

Just to wring out tears, make church bells toll—

Our rights, our guns, he said, the truth denied,

With poisonous words that crawled from out his hole,

Fake news that would crush any human soul.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

38 thoughts on “I read some poison”

  1. Jane this is so blow the belt it is utter dribble. I have seen this evil drivel before when I wrote about Charlie Hebdo some years back. I was cursed with idiots saying I was mistaken 💜

    1. I can understand the isolated troll, they are just sick individuals, but when you have a whole bunch of worms creeping out of the woodwork to add their two penn’orth, it feels like a bigger problem.

  2. Weird exists – and is even more apparent now that ever with social media available to every low life slouching isolated in some dark basement or room. Some people have to be stupid – groups of stupid is even more bothersome. Far too easy to spout nonsense which some others fall for as truth.

    1. It does seem like that, doesn’t it? As long as you can read and write (approximately) and have access to a computer you can spew any kind of ugliness you want. People believe what they choose.

  3. When the man in the top spreads fake news and his minions look the other way so that they can stuff the judiciary till kingdom comes, what can you say about the small fries.

    1. That’s true. Unfortunately you can also turn that on its head and say the he is simply the (big) mouthpiece for the small fry, who are creeping out from under their stones now that they have a kindred spirit to represent them. He reflects a certain opinion; he doesn’t shape it.

  4. It is disgusting. This viewpoint has been promoted on a site that the thing in the White House follows and retweets. Some of the Sandy Hook parents filed a lawsuit against Infowars –they were actually being harassed. Can you imagine?
    I totally agree with you. It is beyond vile and disgusting.

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