gogyohka for spring confinement

I took a lot of photos yesterday but the light was too strong and the colours came out lurid. Internet is beginning to get flaky here, erratic and extremely slow so I can’t upload the pictures anyway. This one will have to do for now, colours toned down to near natural.

looking east

all this light and growing

in the quiet of birdsong and a distant tractor

chicken-fussing and woodpeckers

we hold our breath

keeping things to ourselves

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

13 thoughts on “gogyohka for spring confinement”

    1. It it’s not cocks crowing it’s chickens making a din. Everybody round here keeps chickens or sheep. I like the noise they make, and the pheasants joining in because the hunting season is over and they’ve escaped the massacre yet again 🙂

    1. Confinement for some people is still synonymous with holiday unfortunately.
      Colours need muting with this phone (son’s old one), much more expensive than my old dead cheap phone but which took better pics.

  1. “Chicken-fussing” is really good. 😉 Will remember it for a later re-use. I love the landscape. You will see spring cant be stopped, only we can become isolated for a longer time. Best wishes, Michael

      1. Don’t get annoyed, Jane! Here it is the same, only that the agricultural work has given way to the transport of digestive residues and similar things. Only biogas plants are fed here. 😉

      2. I’m not annoyed, I enjoy the peace and quiet. Confinement doesn’t have the same meaning if you can spend all day outdoors without getting a fine. As long as we don’t get sick, then the fact that there are very few doctors, one pharmacy and no hospital close by would lessen the advantages somewhat 🙂

  2. You reaffirm that sounds made naturally are still being made. Here it’s the quiet of town streets and parking lots. Not that I should mind.

    I’m happy for the pheasants still alive. Maybe there’s a virus that has hunters forgetting to load their guns.

    1. The quiet of empty streets in town is bliss!

      All the established breeding colonies are of birds whose grandparents escaped the hunters. I suppose one they get acclimatised they ‘remember’ some of their instinctive common sense and keep out of the hunters’ way. The hunters get most of the poor things just let out of cages.

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