Microfiction challenge Freedom: the entries

The Repin painting inspired a lot of fun fantasy romps this week, all with a slightly different, original twist. I enjoyed reading them all, and I recommend you read and comment on the stories too. They’re well worth it 🙂

I won’t leave any more comments on this round up as there are quite a lot of entries this week, and I am still under the influence of a sleeping pill—watch out for typos.

Look in tomorrow for another prompt. Now, to look out an inspiring image 🙂


Lady Lee

Microfiction challenge #15: Freedom – ladyleemanila


Microfiction for Jane Dougherty – What Freedom! | fmme writes poems


Microfiction challenge #15: Freedom | Morpethroad


Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge: Iska, Leon & freedom – Phylor’s Blog


Freedom: Microfiction | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings




Jane Dougherty’ Microfiction Challenge: The Freedom of Rybka – Word Shamble


The Experimental lexicographer #microfiction #shortstory | TanGental


Microfiction Challenge 15: Freedom | Only 100 Words



Pensitivity—sorry I don’t have a ‘real’ name 🙂

Microfiction Challenge | pensitivity101


The Blind Date – Leara writes and other creative things…


https://HaddonMusings.com/2016/09/29/A VISIT TO THE BEACH – Microfiction challenge #15: Freedom/


Seasoning – Part Twelve | like mercury colliding…

Bill (I’m putting this at the end because of the phantom white space that follows the link)

To Dance in the Sea

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