Tanka for a dream of cooler weather

It’s still far too hot here. Up again to 38°C/100°F and it’s going to be hot all this week. The break in the weather gets put back further every day.

For Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge.

receding into
the distance the autumn mists
cool of orange leaves
we thought we could bear no more
flames—I hear their crackling still


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

23 thoughts on “Tanka for a dream of cooler weather”

      1. Yes I forgot, you have very thick walls. That’s what they used to do here. Now they have ‘wendy houses’ with expensive air-con because that’s not going to ruin the planet is it? 😉 It is abnormal you are right, and then there still persist those who would deny it!

      2. Yes. We ought to still eat dirt. All this wiping of germs will end us, no doubt, and I am waiting for a plethora of auto immune issues in kids to spring up post-Covid. We don’t have immune systems because as kids we eat McDonalds, watch TV for hours and never breathe fresh air – or that’s my take on it

      3. The best way to make sure you have healthy children is to give them a dog or a cat to live with. We need a healthy dose of dirt in our lives and animals supply it.

      4. I’ve actually (I know it’s SO wrong) been watching animal hoarding on TV I am oddly fascinated/repulsed but could so see myself like that in some other dimension. I agree though.

  1. One extreme or the other. Here we often have a balmy September (or that’s what it seemed) but these days it’s been damp and chilly. Your heat must be difficult to bear and way above the norm for where you are. Take care.

      1. Wow…we’ve had more rain than we’ve had all summer plus chilly weather…we have opposite patterns at times…I’m remembering now that our dry spell overlapped with your rainy period a while back. Anyway I hope your heat and drought eases up soon!

  2. The coolness finally came this way and looks like it’s sticking. Yesterday I was out until 8pm and noted that it’s now really dark at that time. It’s all really changing and I’m feeling it’s not for the good.

    On another note..I never really thought of a cat or dog for a kid as a means of building immunity, but that makes perfect sense.
    Nice work on the poem😊
    Have a good week.


    1. Yes, it drops dark now while we’re still at table.

      I think the point is that families are very small, and children don’t mix with one another much. We tend to be over protective and germ-obsessed generally so their environment if artificially antiseptic. They end up catching everything they eventually get exposed to. Animals give them a healthy dose of germs, builds up their immune system.

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