Haiku challenge: Rhyme & Reason

For Ronovan’s weekly challenge


No reason to rhyme

no artifice no conceit

blackbird sings his heart.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

23 thoughts on “Haiku challenge: Rhyme & Reason”

      1. Young majestic crows,
        parents desert, paired for life,
        honest, learn, tough love…

        Fluttering chicks leave
        the nest empties though cats prowl
        cold, rain lie in wait.

        To join the cackle.
        Where they go nobody knows,
        magick of a crow…


        Feeling a little playful this morning, darling?

        hugs & sweet kisses chris

      2. aH;

        It’s evening here and no, not especially.
        Black birds huddle close
        feather-warm against the rain
        autumn chill seeping.

        We’re dreaming here
        and no, not breathlessly
        two loving souls, snuggle close
        blankets torn, against drifting snowflakes
        winter chill, creeping..

        Awe dancing love,

        within those creative souls..

        kisses chris

      3. ah…

        Tis a wink, tickling blink an a soft wet kiss,

        place on the tip of your nose..

        Winter comes stalking
        silent branches crow-black bow
        hunger in the sun.

        Quiet words talking
        erotic trances white love dove
        lazy passionately done

      4. Good morning darling,

        once again just a little playful..

        Tis a beautiful world we live in!

        Doves entwined comfort
        feathers ruffled, hearts warming
        winter winds piercing.

        Humanity blindly slumbers
        society suffers, death in storming
        marching rain piercing..

        hugs & sweet kisses chris

      5. Morning Chris 🙂
        The doves didn’t lighten the atmosphere did they?

        After endless night
        is there endless light for doves
        who love and die together?

        Not a haiku, but it sounds nice 🙂

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