#Tanka Tuesday: gogyohka for a story

For Colleen Chesebro’s weekly challenge.


stories walk my dreams

with thudding tread in the attic

in piercing night calls through the rain

and I half-wake

in a mansion of my imagining

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

33 thoughts on “#Tanka Tuesday: gogyohka for a story”

  1. The treading in the attic and the mansion have me thinking of the mind palace, the construct of belief and practice in organizing all our mind for access. I’m not sure how much I buy that. Your mansion is made up of dreams and thudding, “piercing night calls.” That seems more like it.

    1. Sorry! This is another comment of yours that didn’t come to my comment box. There’s a loose connection there somewhere. No, I don’t like the idea of the mind being like some kind of theme park that anyone can enter to have a look at, not even the person whose mind it is! Why do we always want to ‘know’ the answers to everything? It isn’t as if we believe truths that aren’t what we want to hear.

  2. Sanity

    Ah, the dreams we see
    And the lies we live
    Only to wake up to
    Shattered reality
    Demolishing castles of fantasy
    Let the dreams lie
    Where it belongs
    Will sneak in
    From time to time
    To preserve our sanity
    ยฉ Pranab Sarma, 2020

    P.S. wrote this today morning to post on my blog but before that I saw your poem. So here it is.
    Now going back to reality.(โ€ขโ€ฟโ€ข)

    1. Thank you. It’s easy. If you like short forms but don’t like the restrictions of tanka (I just don’t really understand the tanka rules) this is a good form, just five phrases, as you’d speak them, the phrase being the words that clump together between breaths. Sometimes it’s just one word. Depends how it sounds.

  3. YES!!!! This is the perfect Gogyohka! Did you know that this form is how Tanka in Japanese are written? The secret is still in the syllables (not too many) and how it sounds when spoken. I’d love to use this in my book, Jane. It belongs to you. I’ll add your name in the Bibliography as the author. โค

    1. Thank you, Larry. Dreams seem to be a strange mixture of what is real experience and what the mind is working on to make real, like a story, a scene from a film, a daydream wish.

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